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Angel Dogs

When dogs are first made in Heaven, they are completely silver. There at the dog factory, the Angels dip them into a vat of black dog sauce or brown dog sauce or gray dog sauce or golden dog sauce and they get spots and flecks and stripes and patches at that time. Later, here on Earth when they start to age, the sauce begins to wear off - first around the muzzle because their nose is what they use the most. Then, the sauce gets worn off around their toes because they like to go places and run and trot and jump and dig. Dogs especially love to dog. Eventually, the dog sauce wears off all over their body the original silver starts to show through. You can almost see what they are going to look like when they are totally Angel dogs again. Elmo was born with 3 white toes. I told him that is where the angels held onto him when they dipped him into the black dog sauce.

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