Float Fishing the Gunnison Gorge

I attended a talk last evening at the local chapter of Trout Unlimited. Matt McCannel (Head Fly Fishing Guide/Umpqua Fly Designer/SIMMS Ambassador/Sage Ambassador) gave a talk on his company's (RIGG's Fly Fishing in Montrose, Colorado), guided float trips down the Gunnison Gorge - which is below what people think of as the Black Canyon of the Gunnison - but in reality, is the same canyon and river. The portion they run is 11 miles below the last dam. The significance is a huge river chock full of (80% density?) of enormous, trout both browns and rainbows. I mean, 20+ inches.

My husband and I commonly float fish the Gunnison from the base of the gorge at the confluence of the North Fork. (We check for flows and visibility conditions because the North Fork will "blow-out" and cloud the river below the confluence to the point that the fishing is off.) That said, one can always park at the confluence and hike up into the gorge.