Flowing waters: Eleven Mile Canyon, Dream Stream, Abell River Ranch, Happy Meadows and downstream on through Cheeseman to Denver.


We have a daily midge hatch and BWO are starting. That means the midge pupae are active and in the water column every day. Emerger patterns are the way to go. During spawn, leeches are out and Browns feed on the leeches, the eggs, and

1) Zebra Midge City all day everyday: tiny (#20,22,24). Dark. Common types of zebra midge patterns are Black Beauty, Miracle Midge (white), brassies, Phil Iwane's No Mercy Midge. Manhattan Midge.

2) Emerging adult patterns (#18-24): Dorsey's Top Secret Midge, Chocolate Thunder, RS2, Craven's Mole Fly, Pennington's Holofly (variation on WD40 w glass bead head). A Griffith's gnat will emulate a clump of midge on the surface, this makes a great point fly, then add emerger as a dropper.

3) Callibaetis and caddis: The pupae of callibaetis have the wings, legs, thorax and tail developed in its pupae casing already. So, a pattern with wing casing and tail will emulate a callibaetis pupa underwater. There are many pop-art patterns, i.e., Juju Baetis, Darth Baetis, etc. A simple pheasant tail will also emulate a baetis pupae. The caddis pupae in our district are lime green, dark brown, and make casing out of wood and little rocks. Swinging a caddis pupa pattern in the current is very succesful.

4) Sometimes, larger stuff (#16-18): Landon Mayer's Mysis Shrimp, Ray Charles Scud, caddis pupae are active from time to time, especially when the dam lets water out. Juan Ramirez' Kryptonite Caddis, wet flies, Copper Johns (to emulate stoneflies - not big, about #16-18). Lake Chironomids also get washed into the tailwaters below the dams.

(the following charts maybe slow to load...)

Dream Stream

Eleven Mile Canyon and Happy Meadows

Open 7:30-4


Closed Monday

(Badger Basin) S. Platte below Hartsel and above Spinney

South Fork of the South Platte coming out of Antero


Tarryall Creek below Tarryall Reservoir

Arkansas River at Salida

Colorado River Pump House

Don't underestimate Badger Basin for escaping the crowds...

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