Angling the Yukon - Face-off with Silly Fish of the North by MICHELE MURRAY

Tumbling Trout staff has been floating on Spinney. They are wrangling trout with nymphs, scuds, emergers, lures, jigs, Rapala’s, garrotes, grenades, dynamite, and prayers. The troutie were hanging out, visibly lurking under the boats, silently moving from person to person like dolphins. There was a little surface activity, which I know so well when those particular animals are not taking the flies. This is a very frustrating experience. I’ve been suspicious that these trout – the 20-inchers – are checking the people out. They have their own curiosity, you know. That is why they take a stimulator from time to time. Yesterday’s situation reminded me of fly fishing in the Yukon with my bro-in-l

Not telling anyone's secrets

We have a couple of anonymous “advisors”. These are people who fish “jez ‘bout every day”. No one wants to give up their favorite fishin’ hole, but that said, this is a contiguous river system (the South Platte in South Park) and so if you have one species of aquatic insect undergoing a specific behavior (agitated pupa scurrying about with enlarged wing sacks trying to decide if they want to stay or if they want to go) – the resultant fishing experience is probably uniform whether you are upstream of Spinney or downstream of Lake George. So, yesterday one of our advisors had the second best fishing day of his life in this area and “we ain’t sayin’ where” exactly cuz he would stop talking to

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