Tad Shannon

Head Guide, (641) 660-6745

Tad grew up bow-hunting, musket hunting, and fishing with his grandpappy in the woodlands of central Iowa, which is why he is a natural to be our Head Guide. The South Platte River is Tad's home water now. He is invaluable on the Dream Stream and is a master at Pike Hunting in Spinney.

Kyle Tyboroski

(719) 331-2915

Kyle is a local guide. He grew up here with multiple generations of Lake George fishing people. He graduated Frying Pan Angler's Guide School and is experienced in fly fishing the Front Range, most especially the South Platte River. The Abell River Ranch private water on the South Platte River is his specialty.

George Mingus

(954) 263-6943

George is absolutely focused. He is focused on hunting, fishing, working and being every bit of an honest man. He is currently enrolled in the Colorado Springs Police Academy. I asked him if he could guide for us and he said, "I just limited out on ducks so I guess I can." We are fortunate to have him.

Mary Manka

(303) 829-0406

Mary Manka is a retired Police Officer working her career in Boulder. She fishes Tenkara all over our region and knows where to take you to catch a variety of species or grand large trout.

Amanda Willshire

Amanda is a river woman with an extremely rich artistic talent. She takes people to the river and gets them on fish with a lovely appreciation for the beauty of the experience.

Cole Gray

(719) 367-6319

Cole has been with our shop for 4 years. He is local born and raised hunting and fishing our region.

Jesse Gardziel

Jesse is a "big fish" specialist  He's developed his own style and methods. His signature is finding and landing large fish in our local river system. CHECK OUT HIS INSTAGRAM "COTROUTBUM".

Melanie Cinkle

Melanie is a Colorado Local. She has been fly fishing in the region and volunteering with Casting for Recovery -  an organization devoted to enhancing the quality of life of women with breast cancer through a unique retreat program that combines breast cancer education and peer support with the therapeutic sport of fly fishing.  Melanie is also an active member of Colorado Women on the Fly in Denver.

Michele White

Certified Professional Guide - Tenkara guide - Certified Boat Handler, Director Pikes Peak Trout Unlimited; (720) 363-2092

I own Tumbling Trout. I am a retired geologist and a published author.
I've been float fishing for a little over 20 years with my husband (we are both certified boat handlers and we regularly float fish the great rivers of the west, primarily in Montana and Colorado). I learned the Tenkara method of fly fishing from Tim Hill and Mark Cole through the certification program at Colorado Mountain College in Leadville. I am also on the Board of Directors for Pikes Peak Trout Unlimited.
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Abell River Ranch Private Access

Enjoy one of South Park’s finest fisheries with abundant large rainbow trout. The Abell River Ranch was held in private ranching hands for more than a century until recently. Now, this 295 acre parcel offers 4 miles of private fishing on the South Platte River, surrounded by the Tarryall Mountains. If desired, lunch can be held at the local Bla Bla Blah Café.

Pike Hunt Spinney Reservoir

This one we can guarantee you will for sure get a pike, possibly one of the grand pike that inhabit the shallow weedy water of Spinney Reservoir – book our Master Pike Hunter, Tad Shannon.

A Grand Slam Tour of South Park

Mark off your bucket list! We have the permitted waters to offer you a 4-species trout fishing day. We’ll cover the Headwaters of the Upper Middle Fork of the South Platte, Tarryall River Valley, and beyond! All within scenic South Park! You’ll finally be able to capture a brookie, cutthroat, rainbow and brown – ALL IN ONE DAY! Have lunch in either historic and rustic Hartsel or Fairplay.

Float South Park

Have you ever wondered what the mystique is about these self-propelled inflatable watercraft you see on lakes? We’d love to guide you on a half day float trip at one of Colorado’s famous Gold Medal Waters fisheries – Spinney Mountain State Park Reservoir; or Antero, or Tarryall reservoirs. You’ll finally be able to see for yourself what the delight is about these boats without having to commit a full day fishing on a lake.



Tenkara (Japanese method) Fishing

We encourage anyone to try the Tenkara method of fishing. I could emphasize this alternative method as a must-do for seasoned anglers, but I am equally enthusiastic about the novice angler picking up this enjoyable fishing method.

The significant difference between Tenkara and traditional fly fishing is - lack of a reel. No Casting! The rod is extremely light and long. The rods extend telescopically from a small packable handle of about 15 - 26 inches, all the way out to a reach of 8 to over 14 feet long.


Check out Tenkara USA: http://www.tenkarausa.com/


The idea is to approach the river with knowledge of trout lairs and habitat. Then, use the fly as a trigger for the trout - very similar to playing the string game with a cat. You present the fly to the trout and it literally pounces on it. The line is (for the most part) not on the water, so there is no drag. Ideally, you have a significant amount of drag-free time to play with the trout.

Traditional Wade Fishing - streamside

Wade fly fishing means walking along the stream assessing the river for likely trout lairs. We focus on presentation and acquisition of fly fishing skills, such as casting, mending, setting the hook, and handling the fish. Your instructor will assist with any difficult aspects, like tying the flies on and spotting the trout.

By the end of the day, you will have utilized multiple fly fishing techniques and learned multiple ways to cast and control the line.

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Belly Boating

My book is out!!

You can order it online:


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