The Michigan Wiggler

Sometimes people come into the shop with the most amazing fly patterns. I usually ask people to bring their fly box inside anyway before the jump and start buying new flies. It just seems crazy to me to think of selling people flies if they already have patterns in their box that are perfect for fishing on the South Platte at the time. I realize this strategy might not seem to be the most effective approach for making a profit but hey – I’m not going to sell someone a bead head pheasant tail or an elk hair caddis if they already own twelve of them. Plus there are days in South Park where anything you throw at them will catch a trout On those days especially, it's a great idea to grab that fl

Angel Dogs

When dogs are first made in Heaven, they are completely silver. There at the dog factory, the Angels dip them into a vat of black dog sauce or brown dog sauce or gray dog sauce or golden dog sauce and they get spots and flecks and stripes and patches at that time. Later, here on Earth when they start to age, the sauce begins to wear off - first around the muzzle because their nose is what they use the most. Then, the sauce gets worn off around their toes because they like to go places and run and trot and jump and dig. Dogs especially love to dog. Eventually, the dog sauce wears off all over their body the original silver starts to show through. You can almost see what they are going to look

Black Diamond Climbing Equipment

We've been noticing that Eleven Mile Canyon is a major venue for mountain climbers. They either have to go to REI in Colorado Springs or to Buena Vista or Salida to get their support equipment. In lieu of this observation, we are going to start carrying Black Diamond climbing equipment in the space next door. We already rent camping equipment (tents, stoves, kitchens, sleeping bags, etc.) There just seems to be a NEED in the little town for helping people out who come up here and forget a strategic piece of equipment. We are also going to look into getting mountain bikes to rent and possibly offer services such as trash, water, propane-tank swap, and maybe even an ATM machine. I have learned

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