Spring Lake Turn Over: I’m waiting for this phenomenon to happen.

We have three fishable reservoirs up here in South Park (Spinney, Eleven Mile, and Tarryall – Antero is closed). We usually start float fishing Spinney as soon as the gates open, mid- to late-April. We either put the Bayliner in or row around in the dory. We don’t much use our inflatable boats yet because it is still pretty cold until about June. As it is, Spring turn-over usually happens right after we start fishing. What exactly is turn-over and how long will it last? Over the course of seasonal changes in a year, lakes develop a stratification in temperature. Think layers like oil and vinegar in a bottle. When you have wind, the layering of water gets mixed up a bit more so there is not s

Bobby and his big trout, the rewards of returning customers / new friends

About a week after I opened in February, a young man came into Tumbling Trout Fly Shop to look around. He was going to go fishing in the Eleven Mile Canyon (a tailwaters below Eleven Mile Reservoir that hosts gold medal waters for nymph fishing all winter in the South Park region.) This young man had recently had his garage vandalized and he lost all of his streamside fly fishing gear but fortunately, his rod was in another place so he could still fish. He came to my shop with a plastic baggie holding a few items that were not in his stolen vest. He bought a couple of flies and then headed for the door with the flies in a cup. I said, "Wait a minute!" and I scrambled to pull together some th

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