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Black Diamond Climbing Equipment

We've been noticing that Eleven Mile Canyon is a major venue for mountain climbers. They either have to go to REI in Colorado Springs or to Buena Vista or Salida to get their support equipment. In lieu of this observation, we are going to start carrying Black Diamond climbing equipment in the space next door. We already rent camping equipment (tents, stoves, kitchens, sleeping bags, etc.) There just seems to be a NEED in the little town for helping people out who come up here and forget a strategic piece of equipment. We are also going to look into getting mountain bikes to rent and possibly offer services such as trash, water, propane-tank swap, and maybe even an ATM machine. I have learned that in the past, this town lost its businesses because our location is very sensitive to regional natural disasters. Previous businesses were highly reliant on their summer revenue. When we have a regional forest fire, (or even a fire ban to some extent), people don't come up here and the local economy suffers. I hope some of our business ventures carry not only Tumbling Trout but also other neighboring businesses through the lean times this winter and make less vulnerable to natural disasters such as forest fires....

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