Tumbling Trout Outfitter and Fly Shop: Everything you need for fantastic fishing

A unique fly shop and outfitter has opened for business in Lake George this past February. There are many aspects of this fly shop that make it unlike any other. They carry every supply you can imagine for your fly fishing experience, from the hand-tied flies to boat rentals, waders, paddles, coolers, to the life vests as required for anyone in a boat in Colorado. Michele and Doug White have everything you need.

Did you say you prefer live bait? No problem as they can supply you with home-grown worms and they will buy-back any left-overs.

When you come into the shop you’ll be greeted with a smile as the customer service begins. Michele will ask if you have your own flies or if you need bait, and ask where you plan to fish. Go ahead and share your expectations for the day so Michele can get an idea of the experience you are seeking. She is prepared to set you up with one of their guides, or give as much or little information as suits you.

Several couples came in while we were at Tumbling Trout for the interview. Michele digs right in and offered to check out the flies customers already had with them. She’ll take a peek at your fly box and give her best advice on what they’re biting on today. We heard her say,

“They’re catching ‘em on emergers” and “this midge pattern is working well, too.”

She’s happy to share the most popular menu for the type of fish you’re looking to catch. She can also tell you what fish are “catch and release” and which fish you can take home to eat. If you don’t like to clean your fish - just ask; she’ll help you out with that task as well.

There is quite the selection of flies to choose from; each has its own capacity for success and she knows the variable that will make one fly look tastier than others to a trout for the day. She has an entire drawer just for the “sea monsters”. She has drawers full of over 100 different patterns. Of course, there are “chubbies” and “scuds” to choose from. Have you ever used “San Juan Worms”? Michele can tell you when and how to use those. Did you remember your waders? She has those available for purchase or for rent. In fact, she rents anything you could use on your trip. She has at least a dozen boats, canoes, inner tubes, along with life vests, as safety is a primary concern. Perhaps you spontaneously decide to spend the night, no worries! Michele has tents, stoves, sleeping bags, lanterns, and coolers. She’s just as happy to point you to Lake George Pizza, the local Bed& Breakfast establishments and let you know about the local businesses that can help make your stay more enjoyable.

Have you ever gone “bow-fishing”?

Michele can set you up with a bow, quiver, and arrows for those who like to keep their archery skills at their peak or for those who find themselves frustrated with a tangled line. The carp and pike tend to hang in shallow water, perfect for bow-fishing!

Michele has maps to guide you to the spot best suited for the type of fishing experience you are seeking. One map covers from Colorado Springs to Buena Vista! She has one map color-coded and has zones marked to help you zero in on your prize.

Directly opposite her front door, Michele has a board that keeps DAILY tabs on 12 local fishing spots. This board provides the venue, status, flow, method, and pattern. This valuable information comes from her Number One Advisor, Dale White, her brother-in-law.

“He goes fishing and sends me messages about water temperature, hatches, what the fish are taking and what they are rejecting. I rely on him for his regional fishing advice to update my board.”

Talk about up-to-date information! Where else can you get that kind of scuttle-butt?

Maybe it’s been a while and you’d feel more comfortable with a guide. At this time there are four guides available, all are certified in Professional Fly Fishing through Colorado Mountain College. Her guides are also certified in CPR, which is required by the State of Colorado. Additional certifications her guides possess are First Aid, Wilderness Training, and Business Ethics. Her guides are Brennan “Papa Catfish” Garrett, Tad ”Boone and Crockett” Shannon, Cameron “Backwoods” Barrie, and herself, “Mountain Michele” White. (*SIC* we have 6 guides including myself. We have Scott Gardner and Sandi Roberts as well).