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With the help of a restless spirit, Charlie must uncover the secret within Dead Man's Gulch.
Colorado, 1861: a frightened young girl survives a massacre on her people and is taken in by the Ute Indians. Over a hundred and twenty years later Christiana's spirit appears in the old Victorian home of Charlie, a salesman and historian/treasure hunter, and his loyal Great Pyrenees, Sarah. What begins as an unearthly sighting turns into one of many dangerous trips to where Christiana once lived in Dead Man's Gulch. Uncovering Christiana's hidden diary behind a waterfall, Charlie begins unraveling the mystery in search of a lost gold mine.
Author Ray Golden has created yet another novel, Charlie's Ghost Town, that you won't want to put down.  He has been on several gold hunting trips in the Rockies in the Rockies with his dad, brothers, and faithful dog, Sarah.  Inspired by old west stories by Louis D'Amour, Ray is currently working on his third novel, Pearl's Trading Post.

SIGNED COPY Christiana's secret The Lost Treasure

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