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The intention of this atlas is to relieve some of the daily fishing pressure that exists at the better known fly fishing venues: Dream Stream and Eleven Mile Canyon. Many anglers visit South Park to experience fishing our Gold Medal Waters (Charlie Myers State Wildlife Area, aka, “Dream Stream” and “Eleven Mile Canyon”). That said, there are four reservoirs in South Park with inlets and spillways and four major tributaries that comprise the South Platte River in the basin of South Park. The water above the reservoirs is recharged through run-off from the surrounding mountains and through springs and aquifers near the surface in the alluvial basin. The significance of the wild headwaters is that you can find wild resident trout year-round above the reservoirs.


When people come into my shop, I try to find out what their goal is for the day. Do they want to catch a grand big fish? Many fish? A variety of trout species? A shot at cutthroats? Pike? Are they fishing with a group of people? Do they have children or a dog? Would they like to hike or park next to a river? (Do they want to spin-fish, use bait, or keep a trout?) South Park offers multiple venues for a variety of fishing methods in South Park.


Prior to opening this shop, I was a geologist and GIS operator, which means I make maps using software. The back of my shop has a wall devoted to maps showing people where they are, orienting them to the region and the flow of the South Platte River, and showing a variety of options for their day. My maps have personal notes and colored lines drawn on them. People capture images of my maps using their cells phones. I began to realize that these maps in booklet form would be useful in diverting anglers to the Lesser Know Fly Fishing Venues of South Park.


Michele White, owner Tumbling Trout Fly Shop, Lake George, Colorado

Lesser Known Fly Fishing Venues

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