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These are fishing stories told by three authors about what happens when they go fishing. These tales are about places, boats, bars, trucks, dogs and people. The situations occur in Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Idaho and Utah and other fishable parts of the world and include details as to parking, camping costs, trails, and other interesting notes. Each story is a personal essay description the fishing trip.


Michele White (Murray) is a geologist and writer. She is a professional fly fishing guide and owns Tumbling Trout Fly Shop in Lake George, Colorado. She and her spouse (also a geologist) have been wading and rowing a dory together for over 20 years.


Al Marlowe is also a geologist and writer. He and his wife have been casting flies and lures into streams and lakes all over the West, including New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, and the Texas Gulf Coast. He has been fishing for more than 40 years.


Karen Rae Christopherson is a geophysicist and writer. She has been fly fishing since 1970. She and her husband are avid fly fishing enthusiasts. Karen has written for several fly fishing publications and co-authored many maps and books with Al Marlowe. She is the webmaster for and

Between the Rivers

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